We plan, specify and operate local, distributed, outsourced and/or cloud-based ICT infrastructure of any scale and complexity.


Depending on your needs, requirements and sources we help you structure your data and build and operate powerful databases and integrations.


We connect, integrate and unify your needed communications services, platforms and media into one central communications experience.


Putting great ideas into a reliable, scalable and secure software, platform, infrastructure and even hardware architecture is our passion.

14 years experience
with many different successfull customer projects.

See some special fields we are working in.

Mobile platforms

We are building device-independent platforms to offer your customers and users the most flexible user experience.

Big data and analytics

You have the data and you have the right questions, we help you to get the right answers out of your data.


Unified communications

While communication is the most important thing in business today, we help you unify and integrate the many different ways.

Internet of things (IoT)

Industry 4.0, site and building automation and integration into home automation, we help you to find the right way.

Discover security

Think about the most important topics.



No matter how innovative your product or service is, you must consider your security and - of course - the security of your users. This not only includes infrastructure components like firewalls but also encryption and ensuring of identification and authorization. Certainly this must include privacy concerns as well.


Demand availability

Getting big should not be danger.



On the one hand there are always situations where an infrastructure components fails, on the other hand there always will be maintenance periods - both should not have an impact on your users' experience.



There are many situations - TV commercials, seasonal occasions and many more - where your infrastrure gets under heavy traffic, which certainly should get processed normally without issue.

Our proceeding

See how we work.


The most important thing for every project is to collect all needs and requirements of all participating instances in a company.

Phase 1


The compiled concept and specification is the key for completing a project successfull.

Phase 2


Beside certainly have the management decide about the budget, all participating instances in a company must confirm compatibility.

Phase 3


Strictly following the compiled and accepted specification, the project results will get implemented.

Phase 4


Beside providing training for operating resulting infrastructure on your own, we are able to offer the whole operation as a service as well.

Phase 5
Only if applicable

More feedback from our customers

We always want to achieve the best result.

"Serverless computing? I never heard that before, but these guys implemented our new backend with this and it runs like a charm."
Peter K.
Company from Ontario, Canada
"We needed unified communications for our worldwide offices. Now there is one phone system for our whole company as it would be one office location."
Barbara S.
Company from Washington, USA
"For several services we had to integrate external service providers and data sources into our platform, which was done very professional."
Andrew M.
Company from Germany

Our key benefits

What we are paying special attention to.


Continuous monitoring

We do continuous monitoring on all important parameters like project costs, infrastructure costs, efficiency and reliability.


Reliable desaster recovery

Of course the most important goal is to have no desaster. But we do always invent desaster recovery plans to be prepared.


Effective time management

Beside cost control effective time management chiefly means observance of planned and given timeline.


Years of experience

Our staff has many years of experience in all given fields in realizing very large projects as well as small.

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